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General Construction

Structural Material
Flooring & Ceiling Systems


 (office, toilet etc.)

-Doors & windows

-Prefab & container Houses

-Offshore container & tanks

-Structural glass (float, laminated, 

 wired, frosted, tinted, photovoltaic)


 (various cores & sizes)

-Construction formworks & scaffolding

-Suspended ceilings

 (steel, aluminum, MFB)

-Floor & wall tiles

 (porcelain & ceramic)

-Mosaic tiles

-Raised floors

 (wood & calcium sulphate core)

-Laminated floor & parquet

-WPC indoor/outdoor

Electrical Appliances

-Air conditioners

 (window, split, cassette)

-Fridges & freezers

-Washing machines & dryers

-Electric fans

-Water heaters

-Indoor & outdoor lighting

 (conventional & LED)

-Power generators


Consumables & Welding

-Binding, tension, straining wire

-Nails, screws, nuts, bolts, drills

-Welding electrodes, wire

-Welding generators

-Gas bottles

-Welder‘s goggles, shields, aprons

, gloves

-Cutting/grinding discs

-CE EN, ISO & ANSI certified


Personal Protective Equipment

-Safety shoes & rainboots

-Ear Protection, dust masks, respirators

-Overalls, rain gear, umbrellas

-Visors, belts, hooks

-Helmets, goggles, gloves

-Safety vests, harnesses

-CE EN, ISO & ANSI certified


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