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Pipes & Reinforcement
Reinforcement & Protection

-Steel pipes

-Steel sheet piles

-Anti-corrosion coating

-Ductile iron pipes

-GRP pipes

-PVC pipes

-Stainless steel pipes




-Mesh panel & chainlink fences

-Geotextiles, woven/non-woven

-Geogrid, Geomembranes

-LDPE Liner

-Gabion boxes & mattresses

-Chainlink fences

-Mesh panel fences

-Technical characteristics & sizes can be customized

-EN, BS certification available

Road Lighting

-Conventional & LED light source

-Conventional & Solar power source

-Double & Single arm galvanized steel posts

-Low maintenance

-Long lifetime

-High wind resistance

-Grades & sizes build-to-order

-EN, BS certification available

Guardrails & Drainage
PPE & Road Safety Equipment

-Galvanized steel barriers, e.g. ESP 4.0/2.0

-Mono & Double walls

-Galvanized steel posts, e.g. Sigma

-Beam profiles customized

-Manhole covers, gully grates & drainage trench covers

-Ductile cast iron or GFRP material

-Sizes build-to-order

-EN, BS certification available


-Personal Protective Equipment

-Traffic lights

-Traffic signals, signs & warning lights

-Safety cones, reflective studs

-Warning tapes

-Surveillance cameras & recorders

-Safety shoes, rain boots, helmets, 

 goggles, gloves, vests, harnesses, ear   protection, overalls, dust masks,   respirators, rain gear, umbrellas, visors,

 belts, hooks


Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe

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Sheet Pile
Sheet Pile

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Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe

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